Google’s Algorithm Update Favors Mobile Friendly Websites

Google’s recent update on their search engine algorithm has completely shaken up the mobile ranking system. The algorithm now favors responsive (or mobile friendly) websites and ranks them higher in search engine results, causing non-mobile friendly websites to be demoted.

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Attract Double The Customers At Half The Cost

Developing comprehensive marketing campaigns for your business that include all the latest online and offline best practices takes a lot of resources, specifically lots of time, human capital and money. There are a host of moving parts including internal team members, third party vendors and specialists who must all do their part in a timely manner. Even the marketing planning, task delegation and communication follow ups can be very challenging. Often times, marketing campaigns exceed their budget, deadlines are missed, and execution management is poor. Just one late or incorrectly done piece of the campaign can cause it to fail.

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7 Secrets to Look Your Best in Corporate Headshots

First impressions are made within 2-3 seconds whether in person or online. Having an updated and professional looking headshot is essential for all organization staff members. Professional headshots should be used in your website, marketing materials and social media profiles to humanize your brand and reflect your organization’s culture.

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Increase Website Traffic and Engagement Using Twitter Cards

Creating an informative, yet catchy, tweet after linking to your blog and including an image to catch attention is difficult to do in 140-characters or less. Luckily, Twitter Cards are an easy to use method that extend the capabilities of your tweets and allows you to include more information on each post!

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How To Use Animated Videos To Increase Sales

As online marketing grows in popularity, marketing campaigns are getting more complex and more innovative in how they market to their target audience. With new techniques and expertise comes new ways of marketing and animated videos have become an essential part of a marketing campaign.

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